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Community Newsletter 2008 no.2 9508
Simon Hearn

Summary: <p>The second community newsletter. In this issue:</p> <ul> <li>OM in uncertainty - read two different opinions and join the debate <li>...

Type: Newsletters

Shared: 16/12/2008

Discussion summary - Boundary partners (Spanish) 707
Simon Hearn, Lucia Battegazzore

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 08/10/2008

Step 0 – what happens and how- input for discussions 610
Olivia M. Hartmann-Fässler

Summary: This small input was produced after discussions with a small group of OM practitioners. It looks at the so-called step 0 of Outcome mapping, that is, at what happens be...

Type: Others

Shared: 19/09/2008

Structured discussion 1 & 2 Vision and Mission - LAC forum 360
Lucia Battegazzore

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 15/09/2008

Outcome Mapping for Project and Programme Planning 1419
Simon Hearn, Terry Smutylo

Summary: OM workshop 3-6 November 2008, London. See flyer for more details.

Type: Pamphlets

Shared: 05/09/2008

Hands-on Outcome Mapping 742
Goele Scheers, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: An interactive session with three exercises to present essential concepts of Outcome Mapping so that global action network leaders, donors and consultants can asses whe...

Type: Lessons Learned Summaries

Shared: 04/09/2008

Aristotle and Plato at it again? Philosophical divergence within international aid project design and monitoring and evaluation 1721
Paul Crawford, David Kelly, Cynthia Mitchell, Paul Bryce

Summary: International aid projects are broadly concerned with fostering change. Frequently, the ‘theory of change’ within an aid project is communicated using Logi...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 02/09/2008

Logframe - A Critique 4770
Robert Chambers and Jethro Pettit

Summary: "Logical Framework Analysis (Logframe) and its variants as a required method for planning and monitoring illustrate how procedures can reinforce relationships of power ...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 28/08/2008

Measuring Change - Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in Media and Development Cooperation 540
Jan Lublinski, A. Sofie Jannusch (Editor)

Summary: This book contains the papers presented at a symposion held n Bad Honnef, Germany, on 27th to 28th September 2007. It focused on the utilization aspect of evaluation in...

Type: Conference Papers

Shared: 26/08/2008

Discussion summary: Vision (Spanish) 909
Lucia Battegazzore

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 26/08/2008

Design steps of the Planning, Learning & Accountability system (VECO Indonesia) 685
Steff Deprez

Summary: A diagram demonstrating how VECO Indonesia design their Planning, Learning & Accountability system.

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 18/08/2008

Customising definitions of outputs, outcomes and impact 13816
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: A simple instrument for planners, monitors and evaluators, and those who employ them, to agree on the meaning of the three types of results.

Type: How To Guides

Shared: 13/08/2008

Huib Huyse, Jan Van Ongevalle

Summary: This research has analysed monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities based on the Outcome Mapping (OM) methodology within the St2eep project, an education for sust...

Type: Conference Papers

Shared: 11/08/2008

Discussion Summary: How have you made the monitoring component work in Outcome Mapping? 701
Simon Hearn

Summary: A summary of a community discussion about the monitoring component of OM. From 2007. Collected as part of the Making Outcome Mapping Work 2nd edition publication.

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 07/08/2008

Proyecto Ceja Andina, Estudio de Caso de Ecuador 2180
Kaia Ambrose

Summary: La Corporación Ecopar implementó el prouyecto de conservación junto con sus socios directos (municipalidades, asociaciones de granjeros, escuelas r...

Type: Case Study Reports

Shared: 04/08/2008

A structured look at OM: Strategy Maps 1442
Steff Deprez

Summary: A summary of a community discussion. Key points were: - Contributors in this discussion highly appreciate the use of the 2x3 strategy map matrix. It is seen as a grea...

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 21/07/2008

Brochure on Outcome Mapping: The Challenges of Assessing Development Impacts 1336
Sarah Earl, Fred Carden, Terry Smutylo

Summary: A four page summary of OM. Produced by IDRC.

Type: Pamphlets

Shared: 21/07/2008

Evaluation and the Science of Complexity 1544
Ben Ramalingam

Summary: Presentation given by Ben Ramalingam at NORAD conference 29-30 May 2008, on "Evaluating the Complex". Addresses the implications of complexity sciences for evaluation...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 16/07/2008

Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis: A practical method for project planning and evaluation 1170
Boru Douthwaite, Sophie Alvarez

Summary: Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis (PIPA) is a practical planning, and monitoring and evaluation approach developed for use with complex projects in the water and f...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 02/07/2008

Contribution analysis: An approach to exploring cause and effect 3486
John Mayne

Summary: Questions of cause and effect are critical to assessing the performance of programmes and projects. When it is not practical to design an experiment to assess performan...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 02/07/2008

Outcome Mapping: A method for tracking behavioural changes in development programs 25963
Terry Smutylo

Summary: Outcome mapping is a methodology for planning, monitoring and evaluating development initiatives that aim to bring about social change. The process of outcome mapping h...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 02/07/2008

Outputs, outcomes and impact 2833
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Four PowerPoint slides explaining the differences between the three basic types of OECD-DAC results from an Outcome Mapping perspective.

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 25/06/2008

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan 7059
Jan Van Ongevalle, Robert Chipimbi, Mqaphelisi Sibanda, Hanne Huysmans

Summary: Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme Zimbabwe, 2008-2013. Informed by the Outcome Mapping Methodology (OM), the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) and Uti...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 11/06/2008

Making the intentional design more practical 1116
Jan Van Ongevalle, Robert, Mqaphelisi Sibanda

Summary: Categorising progress markers and realigning strategy maps. Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme (2008-2013) – VVOB Zimbabwe.

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 11/06/2008

Baseline instruments for Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme (2008-2013) 715
Jan Van Ongevalle

Summary: Within the new Ministry of Higher Education and VVOB cooperation programme (2008-2013) we will use an outcome journal to track changes over time in the programme’...

Type: Others

Shared: 11/06/2008

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