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'Shared Resources, Joint Solutions' (IUCN NL/WWF NL): Highlights from the Outcome Harvesting Analysis 🔗
Kornelia Rassmann, Marielouise Slettenhaar-Ket; Sander van Andel; StanleyWalet

Summary: This document presents some of the key highlights of the Outcome Harvesting analysis undertaken during the implementation period of the ‘Shared Resources, Joint S...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 01/07/2021

Learning to adapt & adapting to learn - Using elements of outcome mapping in a resilience programme 714
Jan Van Ongevalle, Ana Kvintradze; Gaël Rennesson; David Miller

Summary: This learning paper highlights how elements of outcome mapping were used by Save the Children Sweden in a project (2018-2020) that supports adolescents, affected by the...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 02/06/2021

Learning about impact - Results of a learning trajectory on monitoring and evaluation 412
Jan Van Ongevalle, Janssens Bert

Summary: This publication describes the results of a collaborative action learning trajectory (2014-2016) in which 8 Flemish municipalities together with their partners from the...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 14/12/2018

Outcome mapping's contribution to emancipatory action research in Africa 665
Sarah Earl, Ineke Buskans

Summary: Although emancipatory action research has been practised for decades and continues to evolve, the method can benefit from the support of fresh approaches. Outcome mappi...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 19/01/2018

Using outcome mapping to monitor social change in Rwanda. A case study of Frère des Hommes. 1238
Jan Van Ongevalle, Caroline Kientz (Frère des Hommes), Violaine Chantrel (Frère des Hommes), Estelle Bergerard (Frère des Hommes)

Summary: This case study seeks to share the experiences and lessons learned of the French NGO 'Frères des Hommes' in their experimentation with outcome mapping as actor-...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 15/11/2017

Using outcome mapping as a monitoring and management tool in a small ruminant value chain project 1079
Hailemichael Taye, Kees Swaans and Saskia Hendrickx

Summary: The imGoats project (‘small ruminant value chains to increase income and food security in India and Mozambique’) was designed to increase incomes and food s...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 25/02/2015

Reforming Civil Service in Sierra Leone Through Collective Leadership 1702

Summary: Case study uses outcome harvesting to capture knowledge from a Public Sector Reform Program led by the government in Sierra Leone. The project includes leadership and g...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 17/07/2014

Improving Sewerage Services and Management for Baghdad Citizens using the Rapid Results Approach 544

Summary: The project team identified outcomes to learn from the initiative using a customized outcome harvesting tool.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 01/07/2014

Women and Violence Programme in Colombia - Cordaid Case Study 532
Margreet Houdijk, Natalia Ortiz, Rens Rutten

Summary: This document gathers the experiences of the Women and Violence Programme in Colombia in exploring innovative M&E systems based on qualitative methodologies such as...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 07/08/2013

OM ideas 8: Adapting OM and Theory of Change with sustainable forest NGOs 1479
Edited by Kaia Ambrose, Natalie Moxham

Summary: Natalie Moxham gives a personal ac-count of facilitating a set of workshops with twelve NGOs working on sustainable forest management in Papua New Guinea. Combining tec...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 31/07/2013

OM ideas 7: The use of Outcome Mapping in value-chain development 2650
Steff Deprez, Edited by Kaia Ambrose

Summary: The Belgian NGO VECO has been applying OM for planning, monitoring and learning across its regional programmes since 2008. This paper, based on a presentation of the ca...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 01/05/2013

OM ideas 6: Making ‘Evidence’ the Plural of ‘Anecdote’ 2272
Kate Dyer, Edited by Kaia Ambrose

Summary: A short case study presenting a ‘Work in Progress’ using Outcome Mapping and the Logframe in governance and accountability programming in Tanzania. This cas...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 22/11/2012

OM ideas 5: Measuring Progress in conflict prevention: GPPAC’s adaptation of Outcome Mapping 1718
Goele Scheers, Edited by Kaia Ambrose, Jenny Aulin

Summary: The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) is faced with two major challenges in their monitoring and evaluation: Firstly they have to deal wit...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 09/10/2012

Positioning for Change: Using Outcome Mapping to guide institutional change within a Regional Development Bank 704
Kaia Ambrose, Fred Carden, Sarah Earl

Summary: In early 2000, a Regional Development Bank developed an internal organizational practice of structures, systems and processes. The proposed change process gained suppor...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 21/06/2012

Evaluation and Assessment of Poverty and Conflict Interventions 🔗

Summary: This report presents lessons learned about developing and using indicators and data collection tools to measure the impact of interventions designed to reduce both pove...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 12/12/2011

Estudio Comparativo Sobre Redes Latinoamericanas 1046
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Un estudio comparativo en 2010 de cinco redes latinoamericanas apoyadas por el Open Society Institute. Abarca los principales desafíos y dilemas que enfrentan re...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 12/04/2011

Mirando desde el Sur 637
Alberto Bracagioli, editor

Summary: Cuarto estudios de caso de América Latina, relfexionando sobre el uso de mapeo de alcances y los cambios provocados en las organizaciones en el transcurso de la ...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 27/11/2009

MIrando desde el Sur 653
Alberto Bracagioli

Summary: Versión borrador de 4 estudios de caso utilizando Mapeo de Alcances en Latinoamérica (sin anexos). La versión en portugués es la últi...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 26/11/2009

Case Study: SAHA 765
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Summary: A study of how the SAHA programme Madagascar applied OM.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 23/09/2009

Case Study: St2eep Zimbabwe 1136
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Summary: A study of how the Case Study: St2eep project in Zimbabwe applied OM.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 23/09/2009

Case Study: VECO Indonesia 1761
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Summary: A study of how the VECO programme in Indonesia applied OM.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 23/09/2009

Case Study: BaKTI 653
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Summary: A study of how the Eastern Indonesian Information Exchange has applied Outcome Mapping.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 23/09/2009

Case Study: Ceja Andina 989
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Summary: A study of how the Ceja Andina project in Ecuador applied OM.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 23/09/2009

Case Study: ILRI 825
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Summary: A study of how the International Livestock Research Institute in Kenya has applied OM.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 23/09/2009

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