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LOOKING AT CHANGE THROUGH PARTICIPANTS OWN EYES; An outcome harvest of EU-AUP and KfW-RRP Projects in 5 Merged Districts, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan 117
Jeph Mathias

Summary: This evaluation conducted by Dr. Jeph Mathias was unique in many aspects. It was remotely conducted with an active support by M & E team at Sarhad Rural Support Pr...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 28/10/2022

Outcome Mapping: Learning brief 231
Stephanie Buell, Haneen Malallah and Paige Mason

Summary: This briefing note explores the use of outcome mapping (OM) as a monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) approach to track behavioural change and inform adaptation fo...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 24/09/2020

Outcome Mapping Evaluation of an Intervention Programme for Intimate Partner Violence 285
Winnifred Babara Pienaar

Summary: Studies have found that between 42% and 66% of women who were killed by their intimate partner had recently used health care prior to their death but had not been ident...

Type: Theses

Shared: 09/01/2018

An Exploration into the Use of A Technology enabled Platform to Support Dialog for Program Evaluation 153
Niamh Brannigan

Summary: Dialog for Outcome Mapping is traditionally carried out by development organizations in face-to-face settings. Engaging in group dialog is the third learning activity a...

Type: Theses

Shared: 12/04/2017

Final Report: Assessing the Value of Outcome Mapping in Strengthening AcT Partners 587
Melinda MacDonald, Michael Miner MA, Melinda MacDonald

Summary: This report assesses the value of Outcome Mapping in Strengthening AcT (Accountability in Tanzania Programme) partners Strategy Development, planning and Monitoring, Le...

Type: Project Reports

Shared: 15/03/2017

Development of an evaluation system of research performance 206
Sun Thongyot, Nuttaporn Lawthong, Sirichai Kanjanawasee

Summary: Development of an evaluation system of research performance by applying the outcome mapping approach: a case study of faculty of liberal arts and sciences, Nakhon Phano...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 11/02/2017

ROMA: Pedoman untuk Pelibatan dan Mempengaruhi Kebijakan 🔗
Simon Hearn, Translated by the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI), John Young, Ajoy Datta

Summary: [This publication is an Indonesian translation of ROMA: A guide to policy engagement and influence (] Selama lebih dar...

Type: How To Guides

Shared: 08/01/2015

Jan Van Ongevalle, Huib Huyse, Cristien Temmink, Maarse, Eugenia Boutylkova

Summary: During a collective action research that ran from 2010 till 2012, 10 NGOs (9 Dutch and one Belgian), together with their Southern partners, piloted various actor focuse...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 23/12/2014

Value Adding of Outcome Mapping in ACCESS Phase II 726

Summary: ACCESS Phase II systems approach recognised that improved local governance changes required multiple actors (individuals, groups and organisations) to change the way th...

Type: Case Study Reports

Shared: 30/09/2014

More or less global citizenship - When measuring becomes learning! 🔗
Jan Van Ongevalle, Christine Carabain

Summary: This report presents the results of an action research in which four Dutch organisations active in promoting global citizenship experimented with qualitative research m...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 29/09/2014

ROMA: A guide to policy engagement and influence 🔗
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones, Caroline Cassidy, John Young, Ajoy Datta

Summary: The RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach is an application of OM for planning and monitoring policy engagement and influence. This guide introduces the approach and the steps...

Type: How To Guides

Shared: 21/07/2014

Learning about the effects of development education programmes: Towards a learning centred monitoring and evaluation practice 782
Jan Van Ongevalle, Benedicte Fonteneau

Summary: This paper reports on the results of an action research project (2010-2013) in which ten Belgian organisations who implement development education programmes explored d...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 16/06/2014

Case Study on Outcomes Evaluation - Mongolia CSO Support 🔗
Richard Smith, World Bank

Summary: In fall 2013, the World Bank and Mongolia office of SDC decided to use an outcome mapping approach to evaluate three interventions that built the capacity of Mongolian ...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 11/06/2014

Cases in Outcome Harvesting: Ten pilot experiences identify new learning from multi-stakeholder projects to improve results 5002
World Bank

Summary: Starting in 2012, the World Bank undertook pilot learning to explore how outcome harvesting tools might help project teams and clients to manage knowledge and learn fro...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 10/06/2014

OM ideas 9: The value of using Outcome Mapping in complex scenarios 1659
Jan Van Ongevalle, Rafael Peels

Summary: Taking advantage of the growth in organisations and programmes implementing Outcome Mapping, the Outcome Mapping Learning Community commissioned a study to explore to w...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 24/01/2014

Sourcebook on results based management 🔗
Benedict Wauters, Benedict Wauters

Summary: This is the fruit of the work of the COP RBM ( since 2009. It addresses many issue related to RBM (including how to deal with complexity) and has a sectio...

Type: Books

Shared: 12/04/2013

A survey of Government Policy for the planning, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes (2010) 455
Jan Van Ongevalle, Huib Huyse,

Summary: This paper provides an overview (carried out in 2010) of government policy in Belgium and the Netherlands for planning, monitoring, and evaluation (PME) within the sect...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 07/02/2013

Outcome mapping: reflecting and learning from applications in eastern Africa 3295
Julius Nyangaga, Maureen Wang'ati-Gnagbo, IIRR, Measure Africa, Dr. Edward Ontita

Summary: Dear All We have hereby uploaded a book (“Outcome mapping: reflecting and learning from applications in eastern Africa”) published by the International Inst...

Type: Case Study Reports

Shared: 12/09/2012

Six Distinctions in Mapping the Landscape of Data and Research 🔗
David Roodman

Summary: A speech by David Roodman at a CGAP meeting in Washington, DC in Dec 2011. Although he focusses on microfinance data and research, the points are relevant to any kind o...

Type: Conference Reports

Shared: 12/12/2011

Get The Big Picture- Draw A Rich Picture 🔗
Jim Woodhill

Summary: This blog from Jim Woodhill at the Centre for Development Innovation describes the Rich Picture facilitation method which could be very useful in developing a vision st...

Type: Others

Shared: 12/12/2011

'Everyone is doing something and calling it PRA' - A Critical Reflection On Participatory Methods in Development 🔗
David Parduhn

Summary: This paper will examine some of the main difficulties and pitfalls related to participatory methods. It will be pointed out that a truly participatory implementation of...

Type: Reports

Shared: 12/12/2011

Evaluating The Complex: Attribution, Contribution and Beyond 🔗
Kim Forss, Mita Marra, Robert Schwartz

Summary: A comprehensive exploration of the issues associated with evaluating complex policy interventions.

Type: Books

Shared: 11/12/2011

Show me your impact: Evaluating Transitional Justice in Contested Spaces 2190
Colleen Duggan

Summary: This paper discusses some of the most significant challenges and opportunities for evaluating the effects of programs in support of transitional justice – the fie...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 30/08/2011

The RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach and project management for policy change 🔗
Arnaldo Pellini

Summary: Ramalingam et al. (2008), describe development plans, strategies and goal setting as ‘attempts to picture how things work in that country and provide an illusion ...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 12/08/2011

Monitoring and Evaluating Learning Networks 🔗

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 08/08/2011

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