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Overview of Outcome Mapping webinar 🔗
Simon Hearn, Well Grounded, Innov4Change E-Conference

Summary: Outcome Mapping: An approach to put people and behaviour at the centre of planning, monitoring and evaluation A webinar session as part of the Innov4Change E-Confere...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 10/07/2020

Webinar: Improvement of women’s and girls' rights in Finland’s development policy and cooperation (2012-2017) 🔗
Kornelia Rassmann, G Byron, P Poutiainen, Merja Mäkelä, J Gasana, MN Wanjiru, S Dini, S Dhungana, PETRA MIKKOLAINEN

Summary: The webinar summarises the key messages of an evaluation on Finland's contribution to promoting gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights. The evaluatio...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 29/09/2018

Webinar recording: Challenges that Complexity poses for Monitoring and Evaluation and Systemic Thinking as a Means to Cope 🔗
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Webinar hosted by Human Systems Dynamics Institute as part of their webinar series on Systems and Peace: Emerging Frontiers (

Type: Webinar

Shared: 16/04/2015

Webinar recording: Launching the OM Practitioner Guide 🔗
Simon Hearn, Kaia Ambrose, Steff Deprez

Summary: Kaia Ambrose and Steff Deprez introduce the new Outcome Mapping Practitioner Guide. See the guide in action, learn what you can find there, hear why it was developed an...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 18/11/2014

CARE Pathways Program's Use of Outcome Mapping to Understand Empowerment 🔗
Kaia Ambrose, Emily Hillenbrand

Summary: This webinar was co-hosted by CARE and the Outcome Mapping Learning Community. The panel shared many lessons that have cross-cutting relevance for Monitoring Evaluation...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 18/11/2014

Webinar recording: What is the value of Outcome Mapping 🔗
Jan Van Ongevalle, Steff Deprez, Simon Hearn

Summary: During this webinar, the results of the Outcome Mapping usefulness study are presented and discussed. This study, commissioned by the Outcome Mapping Learning Community...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 15/12/2012

The use of Outcome Mapping for value chain development programmes 🔗
Steff Deprez, Kaia Ambrose, Simon Hearn

Summary: Operating in 8 regions and 15 countries, the Belgian NGO Vredeseilanden aims to contribute to viable livelihoods for organised family farmers through improved income fr...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 28/11/2012

Webinar recording: Reflecting and learning from applications of OM in eastern Africa 🔗
Julius Nyangaga, , Charles Muchunguzi, Dr. Edward Ontita

Summary: A recording of a webinar given in November 2012. With support from the International Development Research Centre, Canada, the International Institute for Rural Reconstr...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 21/11/2012

Webinar recording: Measuring success in global networks: GPPAC’s experience with using Outcome Mapping for planning, monitoring and evaluation 🔗
Goele Scheers, Paul Kosterink, Simon Hearn, Jenny Aulin

Summary: Goele Scheers, Jenny Aulin and Paul Kosterink from GPPAC present their use of OM in the network, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict. Richard S...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 17/10/2012

Webinar recording: 10 years of Outcome Mapping applications and support 🔗
Simon Hearn, Kaia Ambrose, Richard Smith

Summary: A recording of a webinar given in September 2012. Richard Smith and John Mauremootoo present their study looking at where and how OM is being used and the level of supp...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 02/10/2012

Webinar: Developing Progress Markers 🔗
Heidi Schaeffer, Julius Nyangaga, Simon Hearn

Summary: A recording of an OM community webinar in October 2011.

Type: Webinar

Shared: 31/10/2011

Webinar: Introduction to Outcome Mapping 🔗
Simon Hearn

Summary: A recording of an OM community webinar in October 2011.

Type: Webinar

Shared: 28/10/2011

OMLC Webinar 1: The fish soup development story 🔗
Jan Van Ongevalle, Kaia Ambrose, Many other community members, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: This first webinar from the OM community features Ricardo Wilson-Grau presenting his famous Fish soup development story. Other guests include Jan Van Ongevalle and Kaia...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 17/12/2010

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