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Book of remembrance for Ricardo Wilson-Grau 1087
Members of the OM Community

Summary: Ricardo Wilson-Grau, the innovator of Outcome Harvesting and a leader in this community for many years died on 31st December 2018 at his home in Rio de Janeiro. He was ...

Type: Others

Shared: 18/01/2019

OMLC Stewards terms of reference 117
Simon Hearn, Heidi Schaeffer, OMLC Stewards

Summary: The Stewards Group (SG) is the forum for overseeing the Outcome Mapping Learning Community (OMLC) as a self-sustaining practitioner network. The SG members, known as St...

Type: Others

Shared: 23/06/2016

Outcome Mapping graphic facilitation notes 🔗
Katherine Haugh

Summary: A set of beautifully illustrated notes by Katherine Haugh who attended an Outcome Mapping workshop at the American Evaluation Association conference in 2015.

Type: Others

Shared: 09/02/2016

OM Training Workshop: Registration form 338

Summary: Please fill in this form if you would like to register for the OM training in Cape Town in October, provided by Southern Hemisphere.

Type: Others

Shared: 28/07/2014

OM Training Workshop: Course information brochure. 256
Southern Hemisphere

Summary: Brochure for training workshop in Cape Town in October 2014 provided by Southern Hemisphere.

Type: Others

Shared: 28/07/2014

OM usefulness barometer web-survey questionnaire (HIVA 2013) 358
Jan Van Ongevalle, Raf Peels

Summary: This document contains the full web-survey questionnaire that was used during the OM usefulness study carried out by HIVA. Other organisations might find this tool usef...

Type: Others

Shared: 16/04/2013

Remembrances of Raj Kumar Verma by the OM Community 19917
Members of the OM Community

Summary: The OM Community remembers and honours Raj Kumar Verma, OM pioneer from Nagaland, India, who died on 3rd February 2012.

Type: Others

Shared: 16/02/2012

Get The Big Picture- Draw A Rich Picture 🔗
Jim Woodhill

Summary: This blog from Jim Woodhill at the Centre for Development Innovation describes the Rich Picture facilitation method which could be very useful in developing a vision st...

Type: Others

Shared: 12/12/2011

Outcome Mapping Workshop, Ghana 496
Tony Dzidzinyo Kwesi Dogbe, Simon Hearn, Julius Nyangaga

Summary: Detail of the PDA/ODI OM Workshop, Ghana. Saturday 14th - Monday 16th January 2012 FOREST HOTEL, Dodowa Ghana.

Type: Others

Shared: 11/11/2011

Outcome Mapping Workshops, Australia, November 2011 671

Summary: Details and registration form for three workshops hosted by the Australasian Evaluation Society

Type: Others

Shared: 06/09/2011

Terms of Reference: OM mapping and needs assessment 1288
Simon Hearn

Summary: Terms of reference for an OMLC commissioned study.

Type: Others

Shared: 07/07/2011

Introduction to OM event, Jaipur, India, Feb 2011 463
, Simon Hearn

Summary: Details for a public event in Jaipur, India, February 18 2011. The event will introduce OM and provide an opportunity for participants to explore its application in the...

Type: Others

Shared: 20/01/2011

OM workshop February 2011 booking form 989

Type: Others

Shared: 16/11/2010

Resources competition guidelines 520
Simon Hearn

Summary: Guidelines for the OMLC Outstanding Resources Competition.

Type: Others

Shared: 26/06/2009

OMLC Research Awards 2009 684
Simon Hearn

Summary: The OMLC is inviting members to apply for three awards to support OM relevant research.

Type: Others

Shared: 16/03/2009

Obama and USAID: the need for genuine evaluation 🔗
Ajoy Datta

Summary: What comes first for USAID – evidence or policy? Over the last decade, many would argue that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has in...

Type: Others

Shared: 19/01/2009

Step 0 – what happens and how- input for discussions 608
Olivia M. Hartmann-Fässler

Summary: This small input was produced after discussions with a small group of OM practitioners. It looks at the so-called step 0 of Outcome mapping, that is, at what happens be...

Type: Others

Shared: 19/09/2008

Baseline instruments for Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme (2008-2013) 715
Jan Van Ongevalle

Summary: Within the new Ministry of Higher Education and VVOB cooperation programme (2008-2013) we will use an outcome journal to track changes over time in the programme’...

Type: Others

Shared: 11/06/2008

Strategy Journal 762
Jan Van Ongevalle

Summary: Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme Zimbabwe, 2008-2013

Type: Others

Shared: 11/06/2008

Outcome Journal 800
Jan Van Ongevalle

Summary: Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme Zimbabwe, 2008-2013. This spreadsheet presents the journals for each of the boundary partners as seperate worksheets.

Type: Others

Shared: 11/06/2008

M and E plan of 5-day life skills training for teachers in Zimbabwe 1436
Jan Van Ongevalle, Elizabeth Chikwana; Alvord Sithole

Summary: This resource outlines the M and E plan for a five-day life skills training for teachers in Zimbabwe. A set of progress markers was developed to facilitate the monitori...

Type: Others

Shared: 08/05/2008

Invitation to African Outcome Mapping Users Workshop in Niamey, Niger on January 13-14 2007 545
Fred Carden, Donna Podems

Summary: The aim of the OM Users Workshop is to provide an open, collegial forum for knowledge sharing and to improve the practice of OM in Africa. The working language of our ...

Type: Others

Shared: 09/11/2006

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