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What is Outcome Harvesting? 🔗
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Ricardo Wilson-Grau, former Chair of the Board of Stewards of the Outcome Mapping Learning Community, introduces Outcome Harvesting, an approach for retrospective ident...

Type: Video

Shared: 12/03/2021

Measuring the hard to measure in international development 🔗
Simon Hearn, Kate Dyer, Tiina Pasanen, Samuel Addai Boateng, Catherine Harbour

Summary: Measuring the effectiveness of development and humanitarian initiatives continues to be a challenge. Interventions often seek to address entrenched economic and social ...

Type: Video

Shared: 17/01/2018

Reflections on Outcome Mapping 🔗
Simon Batchelor

Summary: I created these videos with the intention of them being a supplement to my own workshops on OM. Having started as a training resource, I am not so sure the finished pr...

Type: Video

Shared: 21/04/2015

Partners for Resilience and Bio-rights project Guatemala: Outcome Mapping 🔗
CARE Nederland

Summary: CARE Nederland is working together with the Partners for Resilience programme in Guatemala and Nicaragua, the local CARE offices in the region, and local partners. They...

Type: Video

Shared: 14/10/2014

Video: Using Outcome Harvesting to evaluate a global network 🔗
Kornelia Rassmann, John Mauremootoo, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: In this short video by BetterEvaluation, the evaluators and the users of the evaluation discuss the benefits of the their chosen methodology, Outcome Harvesting, and wh...

Type: Video

Shared: 16/04/2013

Overview of Outcome Mapping 🔗
Sarah Earl

Summary: Sarah Earl presents Outcome Mapping in 20 minutes. This is a great place to start if you are new to OM. This presentation was filmed by the Pan Asia Networking project ...

Type: Video

Shared: 12/12/2012

Video: Ten years of Outcome Mapping: A shared driver’s seat 🔗
Sarah Earl, Kaia Ambrose, Beatrice Briggs, And other participants at the OM Lab 2012

Summary: In February 2012, 50 people came together in Beirut, Lebanon to share experiences and learn about Outcome Mapping. The event was called the OM Lab and this video was pr...

Type: Video

Shared: 31/07/2012

Outcome Mapping: Movie of the SAHA Program in Madagascar 🔗

Summary: The movie was designed to draw the process of OM implementation in SAHA program during the planning , the follow-up and the evaluation. The contents give an outline on ...

Type: Video

Shared: 23/03/2012

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