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Supporting adaptive management: Monitoring and evaluation tools and approaches 1182
Tiina Pasanen, Inka Barnett

Summary: This working paper introduces a set of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools and approaches, discussing their potential usefulness in supporting adaptive management...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 15/01/2020

Complex M&E Systems: Raising standards, lowering the bar 2050
Nigel Simister

Summary: This paper is largely based on my personal experience of designing, supporting and maintaining complex M&E systems for a variety of civil society organisations (CSO...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 15/01/2020

Assessing Systems Change: A Funders’ Workshop Report 455
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Summary: In August 2019, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) co-hosted a 3-day workshop in response to great interest in deeply exploring the question of how to monitor and ...

Type: Workshop Reports

Shared: 15/01/2020

A different approach to outcome mapping 🔗
Sarah Morton

Summary: Matter of Focus, a company based in Scotland, uses an approach which is also called outcome mapping - a different kind of outcome mapping but highly related. Like our O...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 15/10/2019

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection 🔗

Summary: This 30-page guide shares everything you need to know to improve your data collection. This ebook includes 9 chapters that will help you design a better survey for data...

Type: How To Guides

Shared: 03/08/2017

Strengthening Evaluation Capacity in Organisations to Improve Adaptation Outcomes 269
Nathalie Beaulieu, Aliou Diouf; Guy Jobbins

Summary: Evaluation is an essential part of climate change adaptation efforts; it can help stakeholders to improve their processes to produce better outcomes as well as to build...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 28/07/2017

Whose story? Exploring communicative practices among international development organisations using learning approaches designed for complex situations 265
Mariam Smith

Summary: The context in which international development work takes place is often complex and requires learning approaches which pay attention to complexity. Change is unpredict...

Type: Theses

Shared: 28/07/2017

Project Cycle Management for Results 🔗
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Summary: PCMi is based on a script for the ETH Zurich NADEL courses on results-based management of projects in international cooperation. The concepts, methods and instruments d...

Type: Manuals

Shared: 16/06/2017

Understanding and assessing the societal impact of sustainability research: From state of the art to a process-oriented assessment plan 1309
Sophie Peter

Summary: Sustainability research builds upon its mutual relationship with the society to find future oriented solutions to deal with societal challenges. In other words, it is a...

Type: Theses

Shared: 08/06/2017

Translating project achievements into strategic plans: A case study in utilization-focused evaluation 1310
Ricardo Ramirez; Galin Kora; Dal Brodhead

Summary: Utilization-focused evaluation (UFE) is a decision- making framework intended to design and implement evaluations which stakeholders will use. In its original form, the...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 08/06/2017

Solution-focused Dialogues 🔗
Emily Spence-Almaguer

Summary: This poster exemplifies a tool that can be used in focus group and individual interviews with boundary partners when formulating Outcome Challenges and Progress Markers...

Type: Poster

Shared: 17/09/2016

A Resource Pack on Gender Transformative Evaluations 781
Sonal Zaveri, Rituu B Nanda, Shiny Saha, Ranjani Murthy, Renu Khanna, Ranjani Murthy, Rajib Nandi, , Shraddha Chigateri

Summary: A Resource Pack on Gender Transformative Evaluations is a product of the concerted efforts of the feminist evaluation network that came together during the seven worksh...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 21/07/2016

What is impact? 🔗
Simon Hearn, Anne L. Buffardi

Summary: Working and discussion paper, February 2016, Simon Hearn and Anne Buffardi. It seems everyone is looking to achieve and demonstrate impact. Among development practitio...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 07/03/2016

When and how to develop an impact-oriented monitoring and evaluation system 🔗
Simon Hearn, Greet Peersman, Tiina Pasanen, Anne L. Buffardi, Irene Guijt, Patricia Rogers

Summary: Working and discussion paper, March 2016, Greet Peersman, Patricia Rogers, Irene Guijt, Simon Hearn, Tiina Pasanen and Anne Buffardi. Many development programme staff ...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 07/03/2016

BetterEvaluation 🔗

Summary: An international collaboration to improve evaluation through generating knowledge about methods and their use.

Type: Website Links

Shared: 29/05/2014

MSC training flyer (Oxford 2013) 795
Tracey Delaney

Type: Pamphlets

Shared: 16/05/2013

Dealing with complexity through actor focused PME 2693
Jan Van Ongevalle, Huib Huyse, Cristien Temmink , Maarse, Eugenia Boutylkova

Summary: This paper constitutes the final report of a three-year (2010-2012) action research where 10 NGOs piloted various planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) approaches i...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 18/12/2012

Diversity and Complexity 🔗
Scott E. Page

Summary: This book provides an introduction to the role of diversity in complex adaptive systems. A complex system--such as an economy or a tropical ecosystem--consists of inter...

Type: Books

Shared: 01/02/2012

Notes on Developmental Evaluation 1167
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: PowerPoint presentation and Notes on this emerging field in evaluation, a complement to formative and summative evaluation modes. Given at the Evaluation Revisited Conf...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 25/07/2010

How can complexity theory contribute to more effective development and aid evaluation? 🔗
, , Robin Vincent

Summary: The sixth in a rolling series about how complexity theory is useful in the aid and development sector, this meeting focused on complexity theory and evaluation, and was...

Type: Reports

Shared: 14/05/2010

Development Drums Episode 21: Randomized Evaluation 🔗
Owen Barder and Rachel Glennerster

Summary: In this edition of Development drums, Owen talks to Rachel Glennerster, Director of the Poverty Action Lab, about rigorous evaluation of development programmes. Rachel...

Type: Website Links

Shared: 22/04/2010

Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis: A practical method for project planning and evaluation 🔗
Boru Douthwaite, , Graham Thiele, Sophie Alvarez

Summary: Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis (PIPA) is a practical planning, and monitoring and evaluation approach developed for use with complex projects in the water and f...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 24/04/2009

Evaluation and the Science of Complexity 1543
Ben Ramalingam

Summary: Presentation given by Ben Ramalingam at NORAD conference 29-30 May 2008, on "Evaluating the Complex". Addresses the implications of complexity sciences for evaluation...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 16/07/2008

introduction to outcome mapping and complexity 1001
Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Summary: a 5-slide introduction to outcome mapping presented at a roundtable discussion on impact evaluation. Includes detailed speaking notes, with remarks on where OM is backe...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 21/05/2008

Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Type: Bibliographies

Shared: 12/09/2007

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