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Rethinking Strategy Maps: Conversations on developing theories of action

Jeph Mathias, Phil Smith, Mariam Smith, Simon Hearn

Summary: Recording of an OMLC webinar - July 2020.

The Strategy Map tool in Outcome Mapping is often overlooked but embodies a crucial element of OM: the idea that we, as an organisation or programme, act to support change through our boundary partners and, for our actions to be effective, we should consider a variety of strategies. We can consider this our theory of action, distinguishing it from our theory of change, which is embodied in Boundary Partners, Outcome Challenges and Progress Markers.

This session will start with a reminder of the Strategy Map tool, before inviting the panellists to share some alternative tools for exploring strategies (or theories of action) and finishing off the session with a discussion.

Who is this for? This session is for people who are familiar with Strategy Maps and have some experience - maybe you haven’t found a use for them or maybe you’ve reinvented them.

Panellists: Mariam Smith, Phil Smith, Simon Hearn
Host: Jeph Mathias

Type: Webinar

Theme: OM Resources: Events

Contibuted by: Simon Hearn, on: 27 Jul 2020

Associated event: Webinar 3: Rethinking Strategy Maps: Conversations on developing theories of action

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