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OMLC Webinar: Systemic Evaluation, Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting

Bob Williams, Jeph Mathias

Summary: In our recent paper, 20 years of Outcome Mapping Evolving practices for transformative change, we describe Outcome Mapping as a systemic approach, but what does this mean and to what extent does OM reflect systemic practice?

Jeph Mathias hosts a conversation with Bob Williams, an evaluator whose practice is informed by ideas from the systems field. They discuss what evaluation would look like as a systemic practice and what the implications of this might be for Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting. Bob will discuss ways in which he sees OM and OH reflecting systemic practice and where he sees challenges for each approach.

Webinar recorded as part of the OMLC webinar series 2021: Creating connections for equity.

Type: Webinar

Theme: OM Resources: Events

Contibuted by: Simon Hearn, on: 27 Sep 2021

Associated event: Webinar 4: Systemic Evaluation, Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting


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