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Discussion summary: Outcome harvesting for different kinds of outcomes? 1559
Simon Hearn, Denisse Rodriguez

Summary: A summary of a discussion in the OMLC. This discussion touches on definitions of 'outcome' and 'impact', treatment of these within Outcome Mapping and how OM and other ...

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 19/11/2012

Engendering Change Mid-Term Learning Review presentation 354
Kaia Ambrose, Laura Haylock

Summary: This is a presentation given at the American Evaluation Association annual conference 2012 in a session on the use of OM in evaluation in complex situations. It describ...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 08/11/2012

The value of the Outcome Harvesting tool in evaluating advocacy organizations 640
Barbara Klugman, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Barbara Klugman and Ricardo Wilson-Grau present the use of Outcome Harvesting (an OM inspired evaluation approach) in the evaluation of an advocacy organisation.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 26/10/2012

Mid-Term Evaluation of "Engendering Change Program" Oxfam Canada 🔗
Kaia Ambrose, Terry Smutylo, Kevin Kelpin

Summary: At the strategic mid-point of the Engendering Change program, Oxfam Canada identified the need to engage in a dynamic reflective exercise to more systematically capture...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 26/10/2012

Principles and practice of Outcome Mapping 639
Simon Hearn

Summary: Simon Hearn introduces OM in a panel session at the AEA 2012. This presentation provides an overview of the principles of OM and highlights from the recent mapping of O...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 26/10/2012

Webinar recording: Measuring success in global networks: GPPAC’s experience with using Outcome Mapping for planning, monitoring and evaluation 🔗
Goele Scheers, Paul Kosterink, Simon Hearn, Jenny Aulin

Summary: Goele Scheers, Jenny Aulin and Paul Kosterink from GPPAC present their use of OM in the network, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict. Richard S...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 17/10/2012

Presentation slides: Mapping the Road to Peace: the GPPAC journey with Outcome Mapping 527
Goele Scheers, Paul Kosterink, Jenny Aulin

Summary: The powerpoint presentation from an OM community webinar in October 2012. The presentation discusses the us of OM by the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed ...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 17/10/2012

Frequently Asked Questions on the research component of the PSO thematic Learning Programme PME for Complex Change 768
Huib Huyse, Cristien Temmink, Maarse, Eugenia Boutylkova

Summary: This internal work document was written in support of the action research process in the Thematic Learning Programme of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation for Complex P...

Type: How To Guides

Shared: 16/10/2012

OM ideas 5: Measuring Progress in conflict prevention: GPPAC’s adaptation of Outcome Mapping 1708
Goele Scheers, Edited by Kaia Ambrose, Jenny Aulin

Summary: The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) is faced with two major challenges in their monitoring and evaluation: Firstly they have to deal wit...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 09/10/2012

Webinar recording: 10 years of Outcome Mapping applications and support 🔗
Simon Hearn, Kaia Ambrose, Richard Smith

Summary: A recording of a webinar given in September 2012. Richard Smith and John Mauremootoo present their study looking at where and how OM is being used and the level of supp...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 02/10/2012

Webinar presentation: Ten years of Outcome Mapping adaptations & support 656
Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo, Kornelia Rassmann

Summary: A presentation given at the OMLC hosted webinar, Sept 2012. An analysis of how and where outcome mapping has been applied, how users have experienced OM and the suppor...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 01/10/2012

Outcome mapping: reflecting and learning from applications in eastern Africa 3277
Julius Nyangaga, Maureen Wang'ati-Gnagbo, IIRR, Measure Africa, Dr. Edward Ontita

Summary: Dear All We have hereby uploaded a book (“Outcome mapping: reflecting and learning from applications in eastern Africa”) published by the International Inst...

Type: Case Study Reports

Shared: 12/09/2012

Outcome Mapping for fostering and measuring change ... a paper 🔗
Julius Nyangaga,

Summary: Dear All, I am happy to inform you that our paper "Outcome mapping for fostering and measuring change in risk management behavior among urban dairy farmers in Nairobi...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 27/08/2012

Discussion Summary: What makes Outcome Mapping distinct? 1085
Simon Hearn, Denisse Rodriguez

Summary: Outlined in this document is a summary of the discussion from the OMLC forum in May 2012 focused on the opening question: Why should OM be the new flavour and how OM is...

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 01/08/2012

Video: Ten years of Outcome Mapping: A shared driver’s seat 🔗
Sarah Earl, Kaia Ambrose, Beatrice Briggs, And other participants at the OM Lab 2012

Summary: In February 2012, 50 people came together in Beirut, Lebanon to share experiences and learn about Outcome Mapping. The event was called the OM Lab and this video was pr...

Type: Video

Shared: 31/07/2012

Ten years of Outcome Mapping adaptations and support 4985
Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo, Kornelia Rassmann

Summary: An analysis of how and where Outcome Mapping has been applied, how users have experienced OM and the support options available and required for its use. This research w...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 19/07/2012

OM Ideas 4: Ten years of Outcome Mapping adaptations and support 2106
Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo, Kornelia Rassmann

Summary: A four page summary of a study commissioned by the OMLC Stewards: An analysis of how and where Outcome Mapping has been applied, how users have ex-perienced OM and the...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 19/07/2012

Positioning for Change: Using Outcome Mapping to guide institutional change within a Regional Development Bank 703
Kaia Ambrose, Fred Carden, Sarah Earl

Summary: In early 2000, a Regional Development Bank developed an internal organizational practice of structures, systems and processes. The proposed change process gained suppor...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 21/06/2012

Outcomes evaluation of the global Child Protection in Crisis Network 2008-2011 using Outcome Harvesting and a Network Functions Approach 1742
Kornelia Rassmann, Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo

Summary: An outcomes evaluation commissioned by Oak Foundation employing Outcome Harvesting to examine the achievements of the Child Protection in Crisis (CPC) Network’s f...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 07/06/2012

OM Lab report brief 1238
Kaia Ambrose, Terry Smutylo, Simon Hearn

Summary: In February 2012, the OMLC hosted the OM Lab 2012, the first event of its kind to bring together OM practitioners to share and document experiences. This report brief p...

Type: Workshop Reports

Shared: 26/05/2012

Outcome Harvesting 26323
Ricardo Wilson-Grau, Heather Britt

Summary: Outcome Harvesting is a utilisation-focused, highly participatory tool that enables evaluators, grant makers, and managers to identify, formulate, verify, and make sens...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 14/05/2012

Progress makers slide 685

Summary: This slide is used in many presentations introducing OM. It has been argued however that the ladder analogy is not very helpful because it portrays a linear, step-by-st...

Type: Images

Shared: 01/05/2012

New progress maker slide 689
Simon Hearn

Summary: This slide has been in used in presentations introducing OM. It describes the idea of progress markers as markers across a landscape rather than marking out one particu...

Type: Images

Shared: 01/05/2012

Frontline Fundraising Toolkit 1063

Summary: This American Library Association guide covers the basics of annual funds, memorials and tributes, online giving and planned giving. It also teaches how to deepen relat...

Type: Manuals

Shared: 30/04/2012

Outcome Mapping: Movie of the SAHA Program in Madagascar 🔗

Summary: The movie was designed to draw the process of OM implementation in SAHA program during the planning , the follow-up and the evaluation. The contents give an outline on ...

Type: Video

Shared: 23/03/2012

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