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Dealing with complexity through actor focused PME

Jan Van Ongevalle, Huib Huyse, Cristien Temmink , Maarse, Eugenia Boutylkova

Summary: This paper constitutes the final report of a three-year (2010-2012) action research where 10 NGOs piloted various planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) approaches including outcome mapping, most significant change, client satisfaction instruments, participatory PME tools and Sensemaker. The aim of this action research was to explore to what extent actor focused PME approaches can help development programmes to deal with processes of complex change.

The report provides:
* A brief overview of the current PME debate.
* An outline of some practical implications of complexity for PME.
* An analytic framework to assess to what extent your PME approach is helping you to deal with complex change.
* Illustrations from various cases on how different actor focused PME approaches have helped programmes to deal with complex change.
* Recommendations for practitioners and policy makers on complexity oriented PME.

This research was supported by PSO and HIVA.

Type: Articles / Papers

Theme: Evaluation and Research Methodologies

Contibuted by: Simon Hearn, on: 18 Dec 2012

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