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Operationalising the iterative six Outcome Harvesting steps 1198
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: This is a PowerPoint tool to enable you lead a discussion through the essential content of the Outcome Harvesting process. It is formatted so that you can copy and past...

Type: How To Guides

Shared: 11/02/2015

OM Lab 2014: OM and Evaluation part 1 1341
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Slides from day 2 workshop at the OM Lab 2014: OM and Evaluation session. This slide set covers Outcome Harvesting.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 21/10/2014

Drought preparedness and climate change resilience in Brazil: applying an integrated approach to design, monitor and evaluate institutional change 996
Maria Emilia Accioli Nobre Bretan

Summary: A poster from the OM Lab 2014 describing the use of Outcome Mapping, Outcome Harvesting and the World Bank Capacity Development Results Framework to monitor and evaluat...

Type: Poster

Shared: 09/10/2014

Outcome Harvesting: One page overview 1731
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: A poster from the OM Lab 2014 which introduces the Outcome Harvesting method and where it has been applied.

Type: Poster

Shared: 09/10/2014

Applying Outcome Mapping concepts in evaluations by adapting the Outcome Harvesting tool 1329
Richard Smith

Summary: A poster from the OM Lab 2014 which describes the use of the Outcome Harvesting method in four separate evaluations.

Type: Poster

Shared: 09/10/2014

Evaluation of Woord en Daad’s Policy Influencing Programme in the North (2008-2012) 394
Wolfgang Richert

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 21/09/2014

Reforming Civil Service in Sierra Leone Through Collective Leadership 1582

Summary: Case study uses outcome harvesting to capture knowledge from a Public Sector Reform Program led by the government in Sierra Leone. The project includes leadership and g...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 17/07/2014

Outcome-Based Learning Field Guide-Tools to harvest and monitor outcomes and systematically learn from complex projects 1582
World Bank

Summary: The field guide is based on the pilot experiences of World Bank projects. It presents resources that can help practitioners collaboratively harvest, substantiate, inter...

Type: How To Guides

Shared: 17/07/2014

Improving Sewerage Services and Management for Baghdad Citizens using the Rapid Results Approach 527

Summary: The project team identified outcomes to learn from the initiative using a customized outcome harvesting tool.

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 01/07/2014

Cases in Outcome Harvesting: Ten pilot experiences identify new learning from multi-stakeholder projects to improve results 4665
World Bank

Summary: Starting in 2012, the World Bank undertook pilot learning to explore how outcome harvesting tools might help project teams and clients to manage knowledge and learn fro...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 10/06/2014

When and how can Outcome Harvesting be a useful tool for Developmental Evaluation? 591
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: An example of Outcome Harvesting application presented in Michael Quinn Patton's Intermediate Developmental Evaluation study course for the American Evaluation Association

Type: Presentations

Shared: 15/05/2014

An outcomes evaluation of Search For Common Ground’s The Team Tanzania 308
Dunstan Kishekya, John Mauremootoo, Richard Smith

Summary: Summary: The Team Tanzania project used an “infotainment” approach to contribute to gender equality in Tanzania. Outcome Harvesting was used to identify beh...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 28/01/2014

Chukua Hatua Effectiveness Review: report, summary and management response 🔗
Richard Smith, D. Kishekya

Summary: Chukua Hatua is a five-year governance and accountability programme being implemented by Oxfam GB with DFID funding and strategy, monitoring and evaluation support from...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 29/10/2013

Discussion Paper Innovations in Monitoring and Evaluation 5068

Summary: Outcome Harvesting is identified as one of eleven innovations based on research and analysis of potential to achieve impact, to be particularly catalytic for M&E, a...

Type: Research Reports

Shared: 26/09/2013

Discussion summary: What is a boundary partner? 2667
Simon Hearn, Denisse Rodriguez

Summary: The concept of boundary partners is unique and important in OM. A question on the community email list in March 2013 prompted a fascinating discussion on the topic. Thi...

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 09/05/2013

Retrospective 'Outcome harvesting': Generating robust insights 🔗
Kornelia Rassmann, Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: This paper describes the use of the Outcome Harvesting approach to evaluate a global voluntary network. The paper discusses three aspects of evaluation practice: 1. ...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 16/04/2013

Video: Using Outcome Harvesting to evaluate a global network 🔗
Kornelia Rassmann, John Mauremootoo, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: In this short video by BetterEvaluation, the evaluators and the users of the evaluation discuss the benefits of the their chosen methodology, Outcome Harvesting, and wh...

Type: Video

Shared: 16/04/2013

M&E and OM: Monitoring Practice 544
Kaia Ambrose, Steff Deprez

Summary: The second of two sets of slides for a one day workshop on M&E and OM at the OM Master-Class, Brussels, Belgium, March 2013.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 04/04/2013

Outcome Harvesting: a tool for identifying and understanding results in complex circumstances 895
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: A slide set for a one day workshop on Outcome Harvesting given by Ricardo Wilson-Grau at the OM Master-Class, Brussels, Belgium, March 2013.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 04/04/2013

Customizing Outcome Mapping to an Inclusive Education pilot in Cambodia 846
Sander Schot

Summary: In 2010 Light for the World Netherlands together with its local partners Krousar Thmey and Association of the Blind in Cambodia started a pilot on Inclusive Education u...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 16/01/2013

Discussion summary: Outcome harvesting for different kinds of outcomes? 1543
Simon Hearn, Denisse Rodriguez

Summary: A summary of a discussion in the OMLC. This discussion touches on definitions of 'outcome' and 'impact', treatment of these within Outcome Mapping and how OM and other ...

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 19/11/2012

The value of the Outcome Harvesting tool in evaluating advocacy organizations 626
Barbara Klugman, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Barbara Klugman and Ricardo Wilson-Grau present the use of Outcome Harvesting (an OM inspired evaluation approach) in the evaluation of an advocacy organisation.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 26/10/2012

Ten years of Outcome Mapping adaptations and support 4778
Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo, Kornelia Rassmann

Summary: An analysis of how and where Outcome Mapping has been applied, how users have experienced OM and the support options available and required for its use. This research w...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 19/07/2012

Outcomes evaluation of the global Child Protection in Crisis Network 2008-2011 using Outcome Harvesting and a Network Functions Approach 1734
Kornelia Rassmann, Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo

Summary: An outcomes evaluation commissioned by Oak Foundation employing Outcome Harvesting to examine the achievements of the Child Protection in Crisis (CPC) Network’s f...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 07/06/2012

OM Lab report brief 1210
Kaia Ambrose, Terry Smutylo, Simon Hearn

Summary: In February 2012, the OMLC hosted the OM Lab 2012, the first event of its kind to bring together OM practitioners to share and document experiences. This report brief p...

Type: Workshop Reports

Shared: 26/05/2012

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