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Outcome Mapping: Movie of the SAHA Program in Madagascar 🔗

Summary: The movie was designed to draw the process of OM implementation in SAHA program during the planning , the follow-up and the evaluation. The contents give an outline on ...

Type: Video

Shared: 23/03/2012

Better Evaluation in an OM Context 1035
Patricia Rogers

Summary: What does better evaluation practice look like? How do we get better evaluation in a an OM context? Patricia Rogers presents five standards for quality evaluation and r...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 21/02/2012

Mapping the Road to Peace: the GPPAC journey with Outcome Mapping 798
Goele Scheers, Jenny Aulin

Summary: Adapting OM for the strategic plan of an international advocacy network. A case study presentation from the OM Lab 2012, Beirut, Lebanon.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 17/02/2012

Remembrances of Raj Kumar Verma by the OM Community 19917
Members of the OM Community

Summary: The OM Community remembers and honours Raj Kumar Verma, OM pioneer from Nagaland, India, who died on 3rd February 2012.

Type: Others

Shared: 16/02/2012

Making ‘Evidence’ the Plural of ‘Anecdote’ 669
Kate Dyer

Summary: Using rubrics to make sense of 1500 progress markers in a country-wide grants programme supporting civil society in Tanzania. Presentation by Kate Dyer, Programme Di...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 16/02/2012

Outcome Harvesting - a two hour introduction 3824
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: Ricardo Wilson-Grau presents Outcome Harvesting: an OM inspired evaluation approach that he has developed along with many colleagues. This presentation was given at the...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 15/02/2012

Vredeseilanden Planning, Learning & Accountability System 406
Steff Deprez

Summary: OM veteran Steff Deprez presents the latest experiences from VECO, where they are applying and adapting OM across their seven regional programmes. This presentation was...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 15/02/2012

10 years of Outcome Mapping: Applications, Adaptations & Support 1036
Richard Smith, Kornelia Rassmann, John Mauremootoo

Summary: The OM Learning Community commissioned a study into users and uses of Outcome Mapping. This is a presentation of the preliminary findings, presented at the OM Lab 2012,...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 14/02/2012

Using Outcome Mapping in Governance Programmes: The case of the Mwananchi Governance and Transparency Programme 689
Kevin Kelly, Fletcher Tembo

Summary: A case study presentation from the OM Lab 2012. 6-9 Feb 2012, Beirut, Lebanon.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 14/02/2012

Choosing and using Outcome Mapping well 491
Patricia Rogers

Summary: Key note presentation from the OM Lab 2012, Beirut, 6-9 February. Patricia Rogers opens the event with an inspiring talk posing the questions: When should we use OM? a...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 08/02/2012

Diversity and Complexity 🔗
Scott E. Page

Summary: This book provides an introduction to the role of diversity in complex adaptive systems. A complex system--such as an economy or a tropical ecosystem--consists of inter...

Type: Books

Shared: 01/02/2012

Citizen voice and state accountability: Towards theories of change that embrace contextual dynamics 🔗
Fletcher Tembo

Summary: This Working Paper provides a critical analysis of a series of citizen voice and accountability (CV&A) cases from the Mwananchi Governance and Transparency Fund (GT...

Type: Research Reports

Shared: 31/01/2012

Annexes to the paper: 'Analysing outcome mapping data-the case of VVOB Zimbabwe'' 668
Jan Van Ongevalle, Mqaphelisi Sibanda, Chipimbi Robert

Summary: This file contains the annexes that are referred to in the paper: Analysing outcome mapping data, the case of the Quality Education and Vulnerability Programme (2008-20...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 06/01/2012

OM Community Newsletter 2011 No. 2 2587
Simon Hearn

Summary: In this issue: OM applied to monitoring and managing the ENRAP network | Evaluating a global network using an OM inspired outcome 'harvesting' method | OM str...

Type: Newsletters

Shared: 21/12/2011

Evaluation and Assessment of Poverty and Conflict Interventions 🔗

Summary: This report presents lessons learned about developing and using indicators and data collection tools to measure the impact of interventions designed to reduce both pove...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 12/12/2011

Six Distinctions in Mapping the Landscape of Data and Research 🔗
David Roodman

Summary: A speech by David Roodman at a CGAP meeting in Washington, DC in Dec 2011. Although he focusses on microfinance data and research, the points are relevant to any kind o...

Type: Conference Reports

Shared: 12/12/2011

Get The Big Picture- Draw A Rich Picture 🔗
Jim Woodhill

Summary: This blog from Jim Woodhill at the Centre for Development Innovation describes the Rich Picture facilitation method which could be very useful in developing a vision st...

Type: Others

Shared: 12/12/2011

'Everyone is doing something and calling it PRA' - A Critical Reflection On Participatory Methods in Development 🔗
David Parduhn

Summary: This paper will examine some of the main difficulties and pitfalls related to participatory methods. It will be pointed out that a truly participatory implementation of...

Type: Reports

Shared: 12/12/2011

Evaluating The Complex: Attribution, Contribution and Beyond 🔗
Kim Forss, Mita Marra, Robert Schwartz

Summary: A comprehensive exploration of the issues associated with evaluating complex policy interventions.

Type: Books

Shared: 11/12/2011

BioNET 2007‐2010 Evaluation 760
Geoffrey Howard, Mike Jeger, Ricardo Wilson-Grau

Summary: An outcomes evaluation and assessment of the prospects for BioNET to increase its impact on food security, in particular through greater support to plant health systems...

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 09/12/2011

Outcome mapping and social frameworks: tools for designing, delivering and monitoring policies via distributed partnerships 826
Louise Shaxson, Ben Clench

Summary: A working paper from Delta Partnership. This paper describes two tools which will help policymakers take a rigorous approach to designing, delivering and monitoring pol...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 01/12/2011

Outcome Mapping Workshop, Ghana 496
Tony Dzidzinyo Kwesi Dogbe, Simon Hearn, Julius Nyangaga

Summary: Detail of the PDA/ODI OM Workshop, Ghana. Saturday 14th - Monday 16th January 2012 FOREST HOTEL, Dodowa Ghana.

Type: Others

Shared: 11/11/2011

Promoting Inclusive Education in Cambodia through Outcome Mapping based programming 1033
Sander Schot

Summary: About 95% of the blind and visually impaired children in Cambodia are out-of-school. The few fortunate that are able to enrol in primary education, do so mainly in the ...

Type: Case Study Reports

Shared: 10/11/2011

OM Questions 692
Simon Hearn

Summary: Questions from participants of OM community webinars.

Type: OM Training Materials

Shared: 31/10/2011

Webinar: Developing Progress Markers 🔗
Heidi Schaeffer, Julius Nyangaga, Simon Hearn

Summary: A recording of an OM community webinar in October 2011.

Type: Webinar

Shared: 31/10/2011

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