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Outcome Mapping: Movie of the SAHA Program in Madagascar


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Summary: The movie was designed to draw the process of OM implementation in SAHA program during the planning , the follow-up and the evaluation. The contents give an outline on the way how did the actors live the spirit of the method and value it afterward. The methodology influenced the way of SAHA management at different levels.

At the beginning, to face this method was not easy but the innovations brought by SAHA team during all the process facilitated the implementation of Outcome Mapping in the program. Supported by a common challenge, the method found a real anchoring in the life of SAHA program.

Essentially educational, this movie has its place in a context of research for concrete examples in the valuation of the method Outcome Mapping. It is a support which can find a relevant valuation in a workshop animation or technical learning/discussion about the method, or according to the possible needs of the users.

Type: Video

Theme: OM Resources: Examples of Use

Contibuted by: Simon Hearn, on: 23 Mar 2012

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