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Outcome Mapping Practitioner Guide

Outcome Mapping Nuggets, Tips and Tricks

Nuggets are bite-sized pieces of advice for using Outcome Mapping or short examples of using OM for particular purposes. Nuggets are contributed by OMLC members to share their experiences with the rest of the community.

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  1. Measuring SUMERNET’s Achievements by Agus Nugroho, 13/8/20
  2. Adapting Outcome Harvesting for evidencing the contribution of CGIAR-CCAFS (upstream) research outputs towards (downstream) development outcomes by Kornelia Rassmann, 15/9/17
  3. Guidance Note: PRISE Progress Marker Monitoring for Stakeholder Engagement by Kaia Ambrose, 14/10/16
  4. A community team plus computer software can enhance Outcome Harvesting by Jeph Mathias, 26/9/16
  5. Developing a theory of change with Outcome Mapping by Simon Hearn, 9/4/15
  6. Using Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting for drought preparedness in Brazil by Maria Emilia Accioli Nobre Bretan, 10/2/15
  7. Enhancing a programme logical framework with Outcome Mapping by Kate Dyer, 10/2/15
  8. Using Outcome Mapping to improve education in Indonesia by Nia Kurnianingtyas, 10/2/15
  9. The Outcome Mapping Journey - An alternative way to introduce the steps and terminology of Outcome Mapping by Corinne Sprecher, 20/10/14
  10. Translation of common OM terms in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish and Khmer by Steff Deprez, 24/9/14
  11. Outcome Mapping Glossary in Khmer by Sander Schot, 24/9/14
  12. Four steps to prepare for the OM Intentional Design by Daniel Roduner, 24/9/14
  13. Adjusting the progress markers during the course of the programme by Steff Deprez, 23/9/14
  14. A team’s revelation in understanding the difference between outputs and outcomes by Jeph Mathias, 23/9/14
  15. Rolling Profiles by Kaia Ambrose, 23/9/14
  16. Best-Fit of Monitoring Tools: Monitoring Capacity Development with OM instruments by Daniel Roduner, 22/9/14
  17. Combining Logframe with Outcome Mapping (OM) & Theory of Change (ToC) by Ch. Endah Nirarita, 22/9/14
  18. Graphically communicating progress markers by Phil Smith, 21/9/14
  19. Using video in Outcome Mapping during the Intentional Design and the monitoring of outcomes by Erica Wortel, 21/9/14
  20. Using rubrics for monitoring progress markers by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  21. A checklist for Progress Markers by Kate Dyer, 21/9/14
  22. Check list for Outcome Challenges by Kate Dyer, 21/9/14
  23. Simplifying heavy intentional designs (reducing numbers of progress markers) by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  24. An alternative template for the Outcome Journal by Steff Deprez, 21/9/14
  25. Systematic monitoring of progress markers by Steff Deprez, 21/9/14
  26. Collective visioning process to establish a shared theory of change. by Heidi Schaeffer, 21/9/14
  27. Working with nested OM frameworks by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  28. Using the progress markers as a guide for dialogue during monitoring meetings by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  29. Colour Coding Outcomes by Roberto Borlini, 17/9/14
  30. Using OM in networks (or other complex settings) by Goele Scheers, 16/9/14
  31. An interconnected network of stakeholders replacing the project implementation team by Corinne Sprecher, 16/9/14
  32. Alignment, Interest, Influence Matrix by Simon Hearn, 15/9/14
  33. Tips for doing vision statements by Terry Smutylo, 14/9/14
  34. Identifying and Connecting Stakeholders to your project by Terry Smutylo, 14/9/14
  35. Characterising Boundary Partners by Julius Nyangaga, 12/9/14
  36. Outcome Harvesting by OMLC Coordinator, 12/9/14
  37. How to go from an Outcome Challenge to a set of Progress Markers by Steff Deprez, 12/9/14
  38. Intentional Design of the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCFAS) programme in Burkina Faso, Niger, Ghana and Senegal. by Dr Jacques Somda, 11/9/14
  39. Intentional Design of the Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme of VVOB Zimbabwe (2008-2013) by Jan Van Ongevalle, 11/9/14
  40. 8 enabling factors that can be used to determine if OM is appropriate for a specific situation or not. by Richard Smith, 8/9/14
  41. Creating new monitoring tools means creating new monitoring culture by Jeph Mathias, 7/9/14
  42. The 5 key assumptions of Outcome Mapping by Steff Deprez, 7/9/14
  43. An alternative way of formulating & monitoring Organisational Practices by Steff Deprez, 20/8/14
  44. Conceptually visualizing boundary partners: size, distance, position, relationships by Jeph Mathias, 20/8/14
  45. Do’s and Don’ts for mapping outcomes by Goele Scheers, 20/8/14
  46. Systems thinking and complexity theory in Outcome Mapping by Terry Smutylo, 16/8/14
  47. Building Progress Markers into a Logical Model framework by Kaia Ambrose, 14/8/14
  48. Developing a joint vision in a group by Corinne Sprecher, 14/8/14

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