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Outcome Mapping Practitioner Guide

Monitoring of Progress Markers

How to work with progress markers in monitoring


Nuggets related to this section:

  1. Building Progress Markers into a Logical Model framework by Kaia Ambrose
  2. Using the progress markers as a guide for dialogue during monitoring meetings by Jan Van Ongevalle
  3. Systematic monitoring of progress markers by Steff Deprez
  4. Using rubrics for monitoring progress markers by Jan Van Ongevalle
  5. Adjusting the progress markers during the course of the programme by Steff Deprez
  6. Guidance Note: PRISE Progress Marker Monitoring for Stakeholder Engagement by Kaia Ambrose

What data collection methods can we use with OM / OM Journals?


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  1. An alternative template for the Outcome Journal by Steff Deprez
  2. Using video in Outcome Mapping during the Intentional Design and the monitoring of outcomes by Erica Wortel
  3. Rolling Profiles by Kaia Ambrose

How to visualise Progress Markers

Nuggets related to this section:

  1. Colour Coding Outcomes by Roberto Borlini
  2. Graphically communicating progress markers by Phil Smith

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