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Heidi Schaeffer

Heidi Schaeffer


: Toronto , Canada ( Show location on map)

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: Consultant


: Advancing Change Together

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About Heidi Schaeffer

I am the principal and founder of Advancing Change Together (ACT). ACT facilitates multi-partner collaboration, adaptive strategy development, collective impact, participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation of programs and partnerships aimed at improving health and well-being systems. I have a Masters in Transformative Adult Learning and Critical Global and Community Issues. I bring over 15 years of experience facilitating equity-focused strategy and performance measurement with organizations in community health and determinants of health. Act is committed to advancing healthy, thriving and sustainable living including access for all to the determinants of health and wellbeing. We work to support groups, organizations and networks that are delivering services and programs that help build caring, connected and inclusive communities with integrated and aligned community health and wellbeing systems. We bring a systems-informed intentional outcome-based design and facilitate participatory strategies and evaluation processes that help groups, organizations, and networks working on persistent systemic challenges. We strengthen evidence-based decision making and support our clients to achieve their desired outcomes and to measure and demonstrate their collective contributions to systemic impacts. Clients come to ACT when they are looking for ways to measure things that are hard to measure, like belonging and inclusion, and they hear about our work in Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting. Clients are often looking for support with their journey to discover how their work is contributing to changed relationships, policy and practice changes at many levels within organizations and across systems. See website for more.

Interest in OM

I am interested in evaluation of transfromative systems change and transformative social and environmental change. Planning and evaluating cross-sectoral leadership to strengthen holistic people and community-centred solutions. And working in complex and multi-stakeholder collaboration to improve equity, inclusion, trust and belonging.


Design, Monitor and Evaluate Community Health and Well-being Systemic transformation Strategies, Learning and Outcomes for Community Groups, Organizations, Partnerships ​and Networks.

Skills include: Community Governance and Engagement, Facilitation, Performance Measurement, Collective Impact and Co-Design, Communication for Development, Participatory Planning, Developmental Evaluation, Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting Evaluation.

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: Wednesday 14 February 2007

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