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Outcome Mapping Practitioner Guide


In Outcome Mapping, the vision statement defines the system of interacting conditions, actors and actions in which an actor intends to intervene.  It describes how those doing the visioning see and understand the situation they are concerned with.

The OM manual presents a particular style of vision that many have found useful, but in practice it is not essential to follow this format. many people already have their own way of presenting a vision which is adequate fo... Read more ▼

What are the different ways of developing and formulating a vision statement?

There are numerous ways to build a vision; consider who is involved and who should be involved, the length of time it could or should or can take, as well as the mechanics of creating a vision - via email? with flipchart and markers and graphic representations? 

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How should I review the vision to keep it relevant?

As you engage and learn, you can revise the vision statement to reflect new learning and understanding.  One common change to a vision statement is the addition of new actors whose roles and significance have emerged as the intervention has proceeded.

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