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The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Change Management Process (CMP)


International, Latin America and Caribbean  Show on interactive map

Active from:

Apr 2002 to Dec 2004

Implementing organisation(s):

The Caribbean Development Bank (CBD)

Contact persons:

Fred Carden, Kaia Ambrose, Sarah Earl


The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)


Caribbean Development Bank intends to be the leading catalyst for development resources into the Region, working towards the systematic reduction of poverty through social and economic development.

Why was OM chosen?

Outcome Mapping was used to design the implementing framework for the change process and highlight the human element and the behavioural changes needed for organizational change within a multi-lateral bank.

How was OM used?

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation

What was the experience of using OM?

The concept of behavioural change was new to some individuals so there was some initial discomfort. Discussing and challenging current behaviours moved people outside of their comfort zones, and was at times a sensitive issue, especially in the context of a hierarchical organization.

Building capacity and momentum to continue using OM must be constantly re-thought and re-configured, as external consultants withdraw, as there are personnel changes within the organization and the original OM ‘champions’ move on to other responsibilities, and as monitoring and evaluation occupies more time, capacity, responsibility and resources.

By integrating the CDB strategic plan (2001 – 2004), approved recommendations from the Operational Audit, Outcome Mapping and the commitments made to outcome challenges, progress markers and strategies, an Implementation Plan for Change was developed as an overarching plan for the change management process. The Outcome Mapping process served as a space for dialogue, learning and consensus among the different units and staff at CDB. Staff were able to:
• access information about the CMP
• discuss what change meant for them in their individual roles at the Bank
• identify their interactions with other units and departments.
• agree upon a vision and mission for the CMP
• identify roles and responsibilities for the change process
• determine level of effort required to support the change process

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