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Research beyond borders: Five cases of ILRI research outputs contributing to outcomes

Julius Nyangaga, Terry Smutylo, Dannie Romney

Summary: This report presents five cases of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) studied in retrospect using Outcome Mapping tools. They are instances where ILRI research teams made notable advance in being effective as researchers or in using research products to successfully contribute to the development and improvement in the welfare of beneficiary communities.

Outcome mapping was not used for planning and implementation, but given the achievements made, the reports show close similarity in thinking and approach if OM have been an underlying tool. The cases reveal that the research teams played diverse roles to effect strategies with various stakeholders, exploiting opportunities to better ensure research is appreciated and brought to bear where and when necessary.

In each case, lessons are drawn out and gaps described to reveal potential for more effective progress for similar intentions. Comments and concerns are highly welcome.

Type: Case Study Reports

Theme: OM Resources: Examples of Use

Contibuted by: Julius Nyangaga, on: 23 Jan 2007

Downloads: 1421

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