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Monitoring and Evaluation for National Research Systems for Health

Sylvia de Haan, Gabriela Montorzi, Danny Edwards, Carel IJsselmuiden, Emanuel Souvairan

Summary: A Resource for Strategic Planning, Learning and Generating Evidence for Research Management

COHRED presents a strategic monitoring and evaluation approach for national research governance institutions to demonstrate their return on investments in such a way that institutions can begin to show how and to what degree they contribute to social good, while learning of ways to maximise this good.

The approach builds on Outcome Mapping and can be used by institutions or government departments in charge of governing research for health in their country. It can easily be adapted to specific needs and realities.

Type: How To Guides

Theme: OM Resources: Examples of Use

Contibuted by: Simon Hearn, on: 10 Feb 2016

Downloads: 1127

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