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Learning about the effectiveness of public support programmes for development cooperation - Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation through reflective practice

Jan Van Ongevalle, Bert Wallyn, Stefaan Bonte, Sam Geerts

Summary: This article narrates the first results of an ongoing action research around monitoring and learning about the effects of programmes that seek to strengthen public support for development cooperation and North-South issues.

The article narrates the story of three Belgian organizations who are trying to strengthen their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practice through action research. You will for example find out how outcome mapping has helped some of the organizations to clarify their theories of change. You will also get some information on how the organizations explored other methods such as simple surveys, scoring tools, focus groups, and most significant change to strengthen their M&E practice. The steps taken to improve the learning (both formal and informal) from the monitoring data is also explored.

Type: Research Reports

Theme: OM Resources: Books and Articles

Contibuted by: Jan Van Ongevalle, on: 16 Mar 2011

Downloads: 1000

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