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OMLC event: Outcome-Oriented Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning 617
Simon Hearn, Steff Deprez

Summary: Brochure for the OMLC event: Outcome-Oriented Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, held in Nairobi, Kenya, December 2018, Brochure contains details of the programm...

Type: Pamphlets

Shared: 05/09/2018

OM and Data Analysis 211
Jan Van Ongevalle, Steff Deprez

Type: Presentations

Shared: 12/12/2016

OM December training 🔗
Glowen Kyei-Mensah, Steff Deprez, Michael Boadi Kwame

Type: CVs

Shared: 14/09/2015

Gender-Indicator Design Process: Monitoring Gender Behavior Change in Agriculture Programs 🔗
Steff Deprez, Kaia Ambrose, Pranati Mohanraj, Emily Hillenbrand

Summary: This booklet describes the process of how CARE applied some key concepts of OM to evaluate pathways to empowerment and men's engagement in an agriculture program at mid...

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 01/05/2015

Webinar recording: Launching the OM Practitioner Guide 🔗
Simon Hearn, Kaia Ambrose, Steff Deprez

Summary: Kaia Ambrose and Steff Deprez introduce the new Outcome Mapping Practitioner Guide. See the guide in action, learn what you can find there, hear why it was developed an...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 18/11/2014

OM Lab 2014: Outcome Mapping and Monitoring slides 466
Kaia Ambrose, Steff Deprez

Summary: Slides from Day 1 and 2 workshop at the OM Lab 2014: Outcome Mapping and Monitoring.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 16/10/2014

Use of OM for value chain development 356
Steff Deprez

Summary: A poster from the OM Lab 2014 which describes the use of Outcome Mapping for an organisation-wide Planning, Learning & Accountability System.

Type: Poster

Shared: 09/10/2014

Evaluation of Woord en Daad’s Policy Influencing Programme in the North (2008-2012) 365
Wolfgang Richert

Type: Evaluation Reports

Shared: 21/09/2014

Alternative Outcome Journal template 1409
Steff Deprez

Summary: An alternative Outcome Journal template that was used in a systematic review of progress markers in the VECO Indonesia country programme 2008-2010

Type: Progress Reports

Shared: 21/09/2014

Monitoring tools for the use of Outcome Mapping for capacity building and organisational development programmes 774
Chris Alford

Summary: The use of strategies/strategy journals and outcomes/outcome journals in combination with the logical framework for the M&E of capacity building and OD initiatives....

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 20/09/2014

OM ideas 7: The use of Outcome Mapping in value-chain development 2528
Steff Deprez, Edited by Kaia Ambrose

Summary: The Belgian NGO VECO has been applying OM for planning, monitoring and learning across its regional programmes since 2008. This paper, based on a presentation of the ca...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 01/05/2013

M&E and OM: Monitoring Design 822
Kaia Ambrose, Steff Deprez

Summary: The first of two slide sets for a one day workshop on M&E and OM at the OM Master-Class, Brussels, Belgium, March 2013.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 04/04/2013

M&E and OM: Monitoring Practice 520
Kaia Ambrose, Steff Deprez

Summary: The second of two sets of slides for a one day workshop on M&E and OM at the OM Master-Class, Brussels, Belgium, March 2013.

Type: Presentations

Shared: 04/04/2013

Webinar recording: What is the value of Outcome Mapping 🔗
Jan Van Ongevalle, Steff Deprez, Simon Hearn

Summary: During this webinar, the results of the Outcome Mapping usefulness study are presented and discussed. This study, commissioned by the Outcome Mapping Learning Community...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 15/12/2012

The use of Outcome Mapping for value chain development programmes 🔗
Steff Deprez, Kaia Ambrose, Simon Hearn

Summary: Operating in 8 regions and 15 countries, the Belgian NGO Vredeseilanden aims to contribute to viable livelihoods for organised family farmers through improved income fr...

Type: Webinar

Shared: 28/11/2012

Vredeseilanden Planning, Learning & Accountability System 379
Steff Deprez

Summary: OM veteran Steff Deprez presents the latest experiences from VECO, where they are applying and adapting OM across their seven regional programmes. This presentation was...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 15/02/2012

Indonesian Outcome Mapping manual 6967
Steff Deprez, Ch. Endah Nirarita, NINA SHATIFAN

Summary: A translation of the OM manual in Indonesian.

Type: Books

Shared: 21/06/2010

Programme framework VECO programme 2008 2010 707
Steff Deprez

Summary: Slides which describe how VECO has adapted the OM framework over the years to guide their sustainable agriculture chain development programme as well as the linkages a...

Type: Presentations

Shared: 06/05/2010

Contextualising Outcome Mapping in Bahasa Indonesia 1988

Summary: The paper describes the start of the contextualisation process of OM in Indonesian. It is the result of a 3-day OM contextualisation workshop organised by VECO Indonesi...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 26/09/2009

Creating the (organisational) conditions for an OM-based M&E and learning practice 861
Steff Deprez

Summary: The paper presents a possible approach for programmes to analyse and plan for the necessary organisational conditions to implement an OM-based M&E and learning prac...

Type: Articles / Papers

Shared: 26/08/2009

OM Research Proposal: Development of Indonesian OM Resource Kit 677

Summary: Steff and Nina aim to translate and contextualise OM to the Indonesian Context. They will produce valuable lessons on the process of contextualisation as well as a loca...

Type: Unpublished Documents

Shared: 08/05/2009

Design steps of the Planning, Learning & Accountability system (VECO Indonesia) 660
Steff Deprez

Summary: A diagram demonstrating how VECO Indonesia design their Planning, Learning & Accountability system.

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 18/08/2008

A structured look at OM: Strategy Maps 1402
Steff Deprez

Summary: A summary of a community discussion. Key points were: - Contributors in this discussion highly appreciate the use of the 2x3 strategy map matrix. It is seen as a grea...

Type: OM Discussion summary

Shared: 21/07/2008

Learning the way forward: Adapting St2eep’s planning, monitoring and evaluation process through Outcome Mapping 1334
Steff Deprez, Jan Van Ongevalle, Huib Huyse

Summary: Planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) within the Secondary Teacher Training Environmental Education Programme (St2eep) has evolved from being merely an account...

Type: Case Studies

Shared: 11/03/2008

VECO Indonesia programme framework (OM-LFA) 1028
Steff Deprez

Summary: Visual presentation of the new VECO Indonesia programme framework/logic design OM & LFA

Type: OM Process Documentation

Shared: 18/09/2007

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