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Discussion Summary: OM Clinic: Is there an OM/OH Lite Approach?

Sana Shams, Simon Hearn

Summary: Outlined in this document is a summary of the discussion from the OMLC forum in May 2017 focused on the opening question: "With reference to the outcome harvesting/mapping study of knowledge sharing referenced earlier, I and my colleague found the client team (aid staff, not the developing country client team) uninterested and unwilling to absorb the complexity of the outcome mapping table and diagrams. In other words, they wanted the method to be used to describe what really happened in their program, but did not seem to need the assurance of rigor that comes with the full use of the method. Incidentally, the lack of adequate resource allocation also meant that the substantiation stage never took place. I wonder if anyone has thought of preparing an "outcome harvesting lite" approach."

Type: OM Discussion summary

Theme: OM Resources: Other

Contibuted by: Sana Shams, on: 30 Jun 2017

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