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A checklist for the reporting of randomized control trials of social and economic policy interventions in developing countries: CEDE version 1.0, 3ie, Jan 2010

Ron Bose

Summary: This checklist emphasizes the reporting of underlying theories and descriptions of intervention and comparison conditions, research design, and detailed discussion of the protocol to mitigate the threats to the randomized evaluation design of studies. Systematizing, and greater transparency, in the reporting formats for RCTs will enable the community of evaluators, policy makers, program officer to be privy to the many steps in an RCT implementation, and to better judge the internal and external validity of specific RCTs, both absolutely and relative other methods of evaluation. The CEDE checklist is not meant to be the basis for evaluation of the RCT methodology, but to promote better reporting of published and completed studies. These guidelines should evolve alongside the state of the art of the field of experimental trial designs for the evaluation of social and economic policy interventions.

Type: Articles / Papers

Theme: Information, Knowledge and Learning

Contibuted by: OMLC Coordinator, on: 25 Apr 2010

Downloads: 789

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