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Pan Localization Project


Bhutan, South Asia  Show on interactive map

Active from:

Jan 2007



Contact persons:

Sana Shams


Pan Localization Project


The PAN Localization project has been addressing a three-fold challenge:

(i) Development of multilingual ICTs
(ii) Training human resource in the region to develop this technology
(iii) Advancement of policy to bring sustainability and focus to this effort

The project in its current phase aimed to holistically address local language computing for enabling access, by advancing multilingual support for ICTs in several targeted developing countries of Asia, developing indigenous human resource for this purpose and promoting relevant policy for sustainability of this effort. The planned spectrum of research in Phase I has been completed and the intended technology and applications have been developed. For some languages, more work has been accomplished than planned. Phase I of the project has been very successful in achieving its goals.

Project Phase II focuses on providing access and also aims to investigate the challenges associated with, and the effective strategies to promote, the Use and Technological Appropriation of local language computing. Effective Access, Use and eventual Technological Appropriation require development and deployment of a complete infrastructure. The infrastructure consists of affordable infrastructure (connectivity and hardware) as its basis. It further requires basic operational software, advanced applications which assist users in using the technology and online content to ensure a positive user experience. Finally, it also consists of training material which can help user learn to use the technology. The second phase of PAN Localization project aims to research in development, deployment and use of this language dependent info structure to minimize the digital divide.

In initiating Phase II, the project team members will be recieving 1.5 days of training in Outcome Mapping methods. This will be followed by ongoing efforts to apply outcome mapping in each of the 10 country-level initiatives.

Phase II Meeting

In order to discuss and formalize the team structure of PAN Localization project in its Phase II, the project is holding a meeting of the existing and prospective project partners at Thimphu, Bhutan in conjunction with Regional Consultation on Local Language Computing Policy in Developing Asia from January 24th - 27th, 2007. Through this meeting it is aimed to introduce and specify the expectations of the country project teams, the regional teams and IDRC.



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