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Outcome Mapping Practitioner Guide

Outcome Mapping Nuggets, Tips and Tricks

Nuggets are bite-sized pieces of advice for using Outcome Mapping or short examples of using OM for particular purposes. Nuggets are contributed by OMLC members to share their experiences with the rest of the community.

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  1. Using rubrics for monitoring progress markers by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  2. Simplifying heavy intentional designs (reducing numbers of progress markers) by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  3. Working with nested OM frameworks by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  4. Using the progress markers as a guide for dialogue during monitoring meetings by Jan Van Ongevalle, 21/9/14
  5. Intentional Design of the Teacher Education and Child Vulnerability Programme of VVOB Zimbabwe (2008-2013) by Jan Van Ongevalle, 11/9/14

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