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New GDN-CIPPEC call: Production of a study about monitoring and evaluation of influence of Public Policies’ researches held by IIPs in the region.

In our project ‘Spaces for Commitment: Using knowledge to improve public policies in favor of the poor’ GDNet and CIPPEC open a new call in which they will support the production of a study about monitoring and evaluation of IIPs in the region’s influence in Public Policies produced by their researches. The study must be supported by pertinent bibliography, especially regarding methods of monitoring and evaluation of incidence in public policies’. The analysis must include a preliminary diagnostic of today’s IIPs’ capacity of producing an evaluation of their incidence in public policies, a review of monitoring and evaluation’s mechanisms available for this kind of institutions, and a chapter with concrete proposals regarding how to improve IIPs in the region’s capacity of evaluation regarding the subject. Factors that facilitate or hinder IPPs’ capacity of monitoring and evaluating their influence in public policies must be identified.
Budget: US$5000. Subscription deadline: November 8th.

Details available at

Start date: Wed 04 November 2009
End date: Sun 08 November 2009

Location: Argentina
Event type: M&E Event

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Contibuted by: , on: 4 Nov 2009

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