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ANZEA Conference 2018

We would like to know what conference delegates think the role and process of evaluation is – or needs to be – to enable positive change in a world where credibility can be questioned from above and below, and from different cultural perspectives. We would like to hear success stories where evaluation has contributed to positive change for social and environmental good. What worked, for who and why? We also want to hear about evaluation that did not lead to positive change, and why. We welcome contributions that reflect on personal and community experiences of evaluation: how might we learn from the past to move forward? How might evaluation and evaluators change to keep making a positive difference in a world marked by stark inequities and hierarchies of power and privilege?

Strands for the conference are being developed further but will include the following:

The role of evaluation in change: why and how?
The nature of change
Translating evidence into practice
The politics of change and contested evidence
Societal and institutional change
The role of change in evaluation
The past: how has evaluation as a discipline changed? For the better?
The future: Why and how might – or should – evaluation change?
The changing evaluator: Personal and professional learning and development
Evaluators as historians and futurists
Equitable change, environment and social justice
Evaluation for sustainable development
Culturally responsive evaluation
Ethics and ethical dilemmas
Social media, cyber society and technology
New tools
Evaluating in a globally-connected world

Start date: Mon 16 July 2018
End date: Thu 19 July 2018

Provider/Organiser: otearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Event type: M&E Event

Contibuted by: Sana Shams, on: 9 Jan 2018

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