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Outcome Mapping for Programme and Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Outcome Mapping for Programme and
Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
(Training workshop)

Date: Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th August 2014 and
Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th November 2014.

Venue: Paloma Hotel, Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana

The Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM) of PDA Ghana is very proud to host the very successful 3-day workshop to introduce the basic principles of Outcome Mapping, and how they can be applied to the planning, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programmes in the months of August and November, 2014.

Development professionals around the world are using Outcome Mapping because it helps them address questions such as:
• How do we move beyond attribution to document contribution to social change?
• How can we systematically and realistically capture the richness of what is occurring in our projects?
• How do we get our partners and other important stakeholders involved in monitoring our projects?
• How do we integrate M&E into the project from the planning stage?
• How do we decide what to monitor and evaluate?
• How can we notice, explain and respond to unexpected results?

Course outline:
In the course, participants will learn how Outcome Mapping can help:
• Plan and measure social change in development projects and corporate initiatives;
• Bring stakeholders into the planning, monitoring & evaluation processes;
• Foster social and organizational learning;
• Strengthen partnerships and alliances;
• Understand and influence more effectively, human and ecological well-being.

Intended Participants:
The course is designed for programme managers, desk officers and field staff from CSO’s NGOs, funding agencies and national and international development organisations looking for effective ways to address the dynamics of change in the complex environments in which they work. For more information about Outcome Mapping visit the OM Learning Community.

On completion of the course, all participants will be issued with a certificate.
Fees and registration:
To register for training in August, 2014, please send a completed electronic application form (downloadable here) by email to, Michael Somuah Nkansah, before 20th August 2014. Confirmation of your place will be made by 22nd August 2014.
To register for training in November, 2014, please send a completed electronic application form (downloadable here) by email to, Michael Somuah Nkansah, before 10th November 2014. Confirmation of your place will be made by 12th November 2014.

To maximize participation and instructional quality, we limit the number of participants to 25 per workshop. To avoid disappointment please register early. On completion of the course participants will be issued with a certificate.

Course fee: $770 or GHS 1,700.00. The cedi equivalent may vary depending on the exchange rate on the day of payment. Deadline for payment OM training in August is 25/08/2014 and in November is 14/11/2014.

This includes workshop registration, training materials, lunch and snacks. This does not include accommodation; however we are happy to suggest suitable accommodation for participants. Please contact us directly for more information.

Course trainers:

Steff Deprez
Steff Deprez works as a freelance consultant specialised in programme design, monitoring and evaluation. His Outcome Mapping experience started in 2004 with the design and monitoring of an Environmental Education Programme in Zimbabwe. Between 2006 and 2010, he worked as Programme Advisor for VECO in Indonesia. During this time, he facilitated the development of an OM-based framework for VECOs value chain programmes and a learning-oriented monitoring system - Planning, Learning and Accountability system applied in 12 countries. As part of his freelance consulting, he provides in-house & public OM trainings, facilitates workshops on the M&E process of OM and is advises organisations in developing OM-based project monitoring and evaluation systems. In 2010, he coordinated the compilation of a contextualised Indonesian Outcome Mapping manual. Steff is a steward of the Outcome Mapping Learning Community and is currently working on an online Outcome Mapping Practitioners' Guide. He works as a freelance consultant and as a part-time PLA Coordinator at VECOs head office in Belgium. Steff has a keen interest in contextualising OM to fit specific programme needs and setting up relevant, useful and pragmatic monitoring and learning practices.

Glowen Kyei-Mensah
Glowen is the Managing Director of Participatory Development Associates (PDA) Ltd. She has more than 10 years’ experience working with development organisations. This includes technical expertise and experience in programme management, planning, policy advocacy, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluating. She has worked extensively with Civil Society and Government on issues of citizen voice and participation. Over the last 4 years, she has been actively applying Outcome Mapping in her work with 14 partner organizations across Ghana. Other experiences include the use of rights based approaches and participatory methodologies, policy advocacy, sustainable livelihoods, participatory monitoring and evaluation, training and facilitation.

Tony Dogbe
Tony Dogbe is a co-founder of PDA Ltd and was its Managing Director for 11 years. Before this he was the Executive Director of the Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) for nearly 9 years. His 30 year career as a development practitioner has focused on programmes that involved working with communities, facilitating community-driven development, facilitating participatory development processes and the management of civil society organizations. In all these roles his focus has been to work with people who can bring about the desired change. He is an experienced facilitator and a member of the Outcome Mapping Community.

For further information about the course please contact:
Michael Somuah Nkansah Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM)
No.30 Oroko Avenue (Near Accra Central View Hotel and ATTC), Kokomemle, Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 0289 554360 / +233 (0) 302 243098 Email:

Start date: Mon 17 November 2014
End date: Wed 19 November 2014

Provider/Organiser: Participatory Development Associates

Location: Accra, Ghana
Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Event type: OM Training Event

Contact details

Contact name: Michael Somuah Nkansah
Contact email:

Contibuted by: Michael Somuah Nkansah, on: 9 May 2014

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