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Outcome Mapping Training-Workshop

We would like to invite you to a four-day workshop on Outcome Mapping (OM): a practical, participatory approach to Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation that caters for managing complex changes in development cooperation.

The main attraction of OM is a focus on the behavioural change of your project’s main stakeholders, which is the core of development and a key for sustainability. We believe that OM can be combined with other Planning-Monitoring-Evaluation methodologies and have practical examples to illustrate that.

We offer an introduction to OM, focussing on translation of its theory and concepts into development practices and application of tools to planning, monitoring and evaluation in development projects and programmes. At the end of the workshop you will know what OM is and what it's not, how to use, adapt and use the OM tools in response to the diverse needs and demands for monitoring and evaluation in international development. We focus on applying OM to monitoring and evaluation in real work contexts by using active, participatory exercises and your cases. In addition, we will present and discuss a number of real-life experiences with OM.

This course has originally been developed and inspired by the Canadian-based International Development Research Centre (IDRC), of which Terry Smutylo trained the MDF trainers.

Hoping to meet you in this workshop

Start date: Tue 13 December 2011
End date: Fri 16 December 2011

Location: Arnhem, Utrecht, Gelderland, Netherlands
Event type: OM Training Event

Contact details

Website: MDF Outcome Mapping Course
Contact name: Irma Alpenidze
Contact phone: +31318650060
Contact fax: +31318614503
Contact email:

Contibuted by: Irma Alpenidze, on: 26 Oct 2011

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